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Austin #1 Appliance Repair & Air Conditioning Repair Service

Austin #1 Appliance Repair & Air Conditioning Repair Service

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AC Repair

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All types of air conditioning repairs in Austin, TX

Living in Austin means going through +30°C for nearly half the year. Surviving such conditions is a tall order without a properly working AC unit. Should your cooling system suddenly start underperforming, reach out to Patriot Appliance Repair & HVAC for urgent AC repair services.

Since 2013, we have been fixing air conditioners and preventing people’s meltdowns on scorching days in Austin. We are veteran-operated, family-owned, and licensed to eradicate all AC malfunctions for the sake of the perfect indoor climate in your home.

AC repair services for a puff of freshness

Is it all about an air conditioning unit that inundates your home with hot air? Does it make your house smell like sewage? Are you shocked to see those bills creeping up?

At this point, our technicians can serve as your first line of defense in one of the hottest US states. We are skilled in keeping your indoor temperature at the desired level every day and safeguarding your property from heat waves hitting Austin by:

  • Doing urgent repairs. We provide air conditioning repair services 24/7. If it feels terrible and you need your unit fixed here and now, call 512 903-0641 for an emergency visit in Austin.
  • Fixing complex issues. Our proficiency goes beyond minor AC failures. We wouldn’t become a locally trusted air condition repair company if we couldn’t handle problems of any complexity, including rusty leaks and broken electric components.
  • Standing behind quality. Our values leave no room for unsatisfactory service quality. If your system has the same issue again, we’ll come back to bring it to its best performance and SEER rating.

Whatever problem you encounter with your cooling system, Patriot Appliance Repair & HVAC can handle it. Call us or book a visit online. If you are a senior or a military member, you qualify for AC repairs in Texas at a discount.

When it’s time for repairs

It doesn’t matter if you use a wall-mounted or other AC unit to repel heat attacks in Texas. Any signs of trouble with your cooling system need to be addressed straight away, so it’s always the right time to contact Patriot Appliance Repair & HVAC.

Here are some of the symptoms of your AC going the wrong way:

  • Leaks. Have you noticed water spots under the unit or seen it dripping? You’ll want a technician to inspect it to avert potential issues with AC components and check refrigerants.
  • Poor/warm airflow. If warmth emanates from your air conditioner to make your home feel like a sauna, don’t leave it as it is. Scheduling AC repairs in Austin, Texas, helps reveal the issue even if the unit looks 10/10 at a glance.
  • Increased humidity. The healthy humidity level for a property with a flawlessly working AC is 30-50%. However, if water infiltrates your cooling system or reaches your room, a spike in humidity may be unavoidable, which must be promptly addressed.
  • Noise and odor. Abnormal sounds or smells are never okay, regardless of your AC brand. Call our technicians to check for those without putting your indoor comfort and safety at stake.
  • Visual defects. If you’ve noticed misplaced grilles, filters, or fans, it’s a sign that something isn’t quite right with your AC. Our professionals can fix these parts and restore your unit’s look and function.

If you aren’t excited about spending half a year sweating, Patriot Appliance Repair & HVAC is an air condition repair company that can ward off sweat. Our insured team has completed industry-leading training and uses second-to-none tools to take care of various ACs, regardless of their condition, configuration, and brand.

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